Bell Fitness is the area’s leading small group personal training program serving Litchfield Park and surrounding areas since 2014. We guide beginners and challenge the more experienced members. At Bell Fitness, we believe that you should work smarter, not harder, so we created a 30-minute workout program designed to help you burn twice the fat and build muscles in half of the time while getting you in the best shape of your life. Text or call today and let us show you how 30 minutes will change your life.

Helping You Work Smarter for Better Results

Our team consists of personal fitness coaches with years of experience. We believe that working more innovatively can help you achieve your fitness goals in half the time. That is why our 30-minute workout program is intended to help you burn fat and build muscles through challenging, varied, and flexible 30-minute workout programs. Our coaches will guide you on a form to avoid injury and to ensure that you gain the full benefits of each exercise; most significantly, our studio offers a relaxed, supportive environment that will keep you accountable and empowered.

See the Difference Expert Training Can Make

For professional support backed by our certified personal fitness coaches, choose Bell Fitness. From nutritional guidance to personal training, we provide it all. Text, call or email us today to get started.